Saturday, 27 December 2008

Looking Back at 2008

What are some of the interesting and worth to note incidents in 2008?

1) Saddest moment:

Death of a Singaporean in the terrorists attacks in Mumbai.

2) Most unforgiving fumble:

To me, it has to be the escape of Mas Selamat followed by this.

3) Most assuming statement:

A woman PM is unlikely in Singapore, to me its the most assuming statement.

4) Most regrettable incident:

Why did I procrastinate?

5) Most happening event in WP Youth Wing:

It has to be YouthQuake Series 1

6) Most memorable WP's events that I'm involved in:

YouthQuake 4 :) Because I'm one of the Speaker and I spoke for something that I had always been advocating for.

7) Most infuriating reply:

What else but the reply on why PCF is allowed to cycle in public and WP is not. Oh!!! And not forgetting this too is infuriating!!!!

8) Proudest moment!

Paralympics winner, Yip Pin Xiu

9) The event that most WP members attended:

The wake of the late Mr JBJ.

10) Most debated and talked about issue in 2008:

US Presidential election, Barack Obama, the first black man, to have achieve this position.

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