Monday, 9 August 2010

Love your country, fly the flag!

Love your country, fly the flag!

Indeed, as patriotic Singaporeans, we should be flying our flag.

Over the years, I see the number of flags displayed in HDB and landed estate dwindling. Unlike the 70s and the early 80s, Singaporeans readily took out their flag, ironed it and displayed it with awe even before National Day. Children will scampered to get in front of the television, ready to sing National day songs and unanimously have their right fist over their chest to recite the pledge.

Unfortunately this is no longer a common sight in the neighbourhood. To see this, one has to make a trip down to wherever the National Day parade is held. Is it only when one is soak in the parade then the spirit of patriotism is displayed?

The familiar 'Count on me, Singapore', 'Stand up for Singapore' and 'We are Singapore' are now replace with remix version that is difficult for children to grasp, learn and love. Its unfamiliar to them and hence no urge to sing along?

Believe it a not, there are people who associate loving the country to loving the government. Is there a possibility that people who did not fly the flag is because they were somehow dissatisfied with the way things are run? Perhaps.

The next question will then be, why is there such an association?

Try asking anyone that started their kindergarten education in a PCF where did they used to study? The answer will be PAP instead of PCF :) Perhaps this was where the association started.

The time is now 5 minutes to 12am, 9th August 2010. As long as you are a patriotic Singaporean, you can fly the flag regardless of whichever political party you are with or whether you like or dislike the current government.

Because Singapore is larger than PAP.

'Love your country, fly the flag! Happy Birthday, Singapore!'

PS: Hand picked 2 pictures of the fireworks which I had the privilege to see from the balcony of my house :)

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