Saturday, 29 November 2008

One of us is dead in Mumbai

Singaporean held hostage at Mumbai's Oberoi Hotel killed

Believe it a not, Ms Lo, one of us, is dead in the terror attacks in Mumbai.

A promising, beautiful young lady had left her family and friends just like that.

I can understand the anxiety that her family went through when they knew about her captive and now her death must had been a huge blow to them.

The loss of any life is sad but the loss of a life through terrorist attacks is even more painful.

The nonsensical acts of terrorism is devastating and has to be dealt with!

My condolences to the family of the deceased.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lilian,

I read the demise of Ms Lo on The Online Citizen,i saw her picture & asked myself,"She was young,promising,bright,beauty with brains,happily married,a loving family,what did she do to die in a horrible manner?"Terrorism must be wiped out permanently from the face of this planet.

I do not know the family personally but i do know the pain of losing a loved one....for a moment i reflected on life itself,you live only once,nothing last forever.I mourn her passing.

With deep sympathy,

James Michael Parthi
London School Of Economics

Lilian is ... said...

HI James,

Im sure everyone felt the same way as u too...

Yes, we live only once hence just live it!

Thank you for visiting