Sunday, 9 August 2009

'Come Together, Reaching Out, Reaching Up'

It's our Nation's 44th Birthday and as a Singaporean I'm happy with what we have achieve thus far. Let us not forget that this is possible because our ancestors came together many years back as one.

Yes, as one. That's the key message. Regardless of race, language and religion, they came together as one and that's how our Nation can prosper. May I also add in regardless of marital status in the case of married and single mothers. I hope that single mothers can eventually get to have the same benefits as married mothers. The latter also in their own way contributed to our Nation.

As Singaporeans, let's reach out to those who are in need, those who need help. Listen to them and may help be available to them.

The old lady selling tissue paper from table to table at the Kopitiam, the old man that collects cardboard to earn a living and the disabled middle aged man who sings along the road-side, these people are our Nation builders. As our Nation progresses, we should not forget them.

Our country continues to reach up, achieving greater heights and prosperity. Hopefully not at the expense of those who are in need.

May the Nation, our country truly becomes a place that we can call Home. A place that our young people will not run away from to work in other countries and eventually settled down over there. A place that we are proud to mention it to our foreign friends. A place that we, Singaporeans can depend on and not fear to be in. A place that our Nation Builders will be taken care of and not left something they have to take care of.

Lastly, let's come together like how our ancestors did, to reach out to those who need help and not leave anyone behind as we prosper and reach up to scale greater heights as one Nation.

"Happy National Day!"
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