Tuesday, 23 December 2008

GST 8.5% for FREE transport, I wouldn't mind!

In a dialogue session held with residents of Macpherson, a resident echoed his thoughts loudly by saying that he hoped that transport fares will not go up during difficult times as such.

Mr Raymond Lim then explained that if we want free transport that would mean 8.5% in GST.

First and foremost, the resident or as a matter of fact, we Singaporeans are not expecting FREE transport. So why the mention on FREE transport?

This is another statement that Raymond Lim made...

"There are only two persons who pay when it comes to public transport fares. One, I use - I pay. Or two, I use - you help me subsidise my ride. What happens when you subsidise my rides? That means the taxpayers are now paying."

What is so wrong to get the Government to subsidies rides? Especially for Senior Citizens.

I overheard this from a coffeeshop talk... the Government wants us to work all of our lives to continue to contribute to our economy and society until the age of 65, or better still if you dont retire. Anyway there are 2 big corporations we can retire in that is Mac Donalds' and KFC. After having slog for so many years for the economy, when we are sick, poor and old, the Government should take care of us!

I cannot help but agree with the uncle! He makes so much sense!

On the other hand, if the subsidy is going to come from tax payers' money then what subsidy are we talking about here? A better word to use should be 'rebates'???

I'm sure there is more than 1 source of income for the subsidy. Does it have to come from the residents? SBS Transit made millions of dollars as profits. We have a basement fully choked with reserves.... can't we use it at least to provide FREE transport for Senior citizens? I am not asking FREE for all, its only for the Senior citizens who probably hardly gets out of the house!

But if its going to be like what Raymond Lim had said, in order to get FREE transport, GST will have to be 8.5%

Why not?

At least GST is already fixed with FREE transportation taken into account. Transport fares are not fixed and we are at the mercy of transport operators. Anytime they call for an increase, we got to pay extra. It is also subjected to external factors such as cost of oil.

Therefore I am for GST at 8.5% with FREE transport for all Singaporeans!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lilian,

I wouldn't agree with having a free ride on the bus or the MRT,even with the GST increased to 8.5%,no one will buy the idea!

There is no free lunch in Spore,i think u know that!Raymond Lim tried to smoke his way thru,it only angered the general public,noticed the way he talked?how condescending he was to the public,service to the people must come from the heart,not the monetary rewards!!!Shame on him!

I'm back in Spore for the holidays,if u r free,lets meet up!

Merry X'Mas to u n yr family!Cheers!

James Michael Parthi.

Chloe Ask said...

Transport Minister is obviously lying through his nose whwn he says that train/bus fares are not linked to fuel cost only but to factors like inflation. Hello, the greatest cause for the hike in CPI is due to rise in transportation costs!!! And since, according to today's papers, the CPI has come down, will he revise the fares downwards?

Anonymous said...

Dun listen too much to whatever nonsense government ppl are saying .
Sometimes it can make you vomit blood.

Anonymous said...

One old wise man mentioned that if we have free medical, many Singaporean will go to hospital even for small problem.

If we have free transport, will many more Singaporean start taking our public transport for the fun of it. hahaha.

Just don't understand their policies and what they are up to. Basically, I think they are just jumping round and round to confuse us.

DK said...

I wouldn't mind 1.5% increase for free transport. But the thing is, even if the whole nation agrees, will they do it? I doubt so.

I think he ran out of excuses for the transport companies.

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