Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Double Standards?

PAP held a carnival at West Coast Park which was known as the 'PAP Community Foundation Event'. I' m not sure if a PAP logo was present but since the Straits Times reported the event as 'PAP Carnival', the logo should be there isn't?

According to ST, "Mr Lee and a host of ministers and MPs made their entrance on bicycles, much to the delight of the spectators."

From the picture, I could not see too clearly if he was wearing the logo on his T-shirt.

Last year August, a permit that was applied for a celebratory cycling event at East Coast Park was declined.

The response given by Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs Assoc Prof Ho Peng Kee was that the East Coast Park is a recreational park for Singaporeans and their families. It is not meant to be used by a political party to promote its cause. Apart from displacing the usual recreational users...it is an open area where there is greater potential for breach of the peace, public disorder and unruly behaviour. He said that police required political events to be held indoors or in stadiums where problems could be contained, adding that the WP could consider these venues. The policy applied to all political parties, he said.

This year, another political party, don't know if they applied for a permit a not, was seen CYCLING at an OUTDOOR premise.

They too are a Political Party.

Venue used was also an outdoor recreation park (West Coast)

There is also a potential for breach of public disturbances, etc.

There are too many similarities between the 2 cases but one was declined with the above reasons, the other was accepted and published in Straits Times.

Not surprising?


sgnewsalt said...

WP should formally raise this issue with the Home Ministry and demand for an answer.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Isn't this what PAP is all about,contradicting themselves in the face of the opposition,lets face it,one rule for them,another rule for others,its not even close to double standards.

Frankly speaking,majority of the Singaporeans can't be bothered about what's going on apart from the netizens and blogs thereof!

WP should work on more important issues like the current situation in Spore,worry about the inflation & rising prices plus salary issues for locals!

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