Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Ahhhhhhh!!! Like that also can?

Yes, Dad managed to get through check-in counter, security check, immigration clearance and board a plane, by using son's passport!!!

This has to be the greatest joke! We are made laughing-stock again and people are laughing at us...OMG! I can imagine the look the Vietnamese custom officers had on their faces when the Singaporean man informed them about the mistake upon reaching Vietnam.

How could this happen? (Read report)

I was like what WKS said, flabbergasted, when I read the report. Just about 2 weeks ago, two detainees made an attempt to escape while being lock-up at Subordinate Court.

To me, its the 5th time mistakes as such had happened.

1st mistake: Took Leng Ho's escape.

2nd: Tan Chor Jin, escaped using fake passport

3rd: Escape of Mas Selamat, who is still not found.

4th: Attempted escape by two detainees.

5th: Case of passport mix-up at Budget Terminal.

What could have caused this mistake?

Budget Terminal; budget expenses hence duty officers have to work long hours therefore are not able to stay alert while on duty? But all of them????

From the officer at the check-in counter to the Police officer at the passenger restricted area and of course the Immigration officer who instead of finding out what was wrong, signaled the passenger to the manual clearance queue and lastly the immigration officer who check and allowed him to board the plane. All of them were tired?

This mistake brought about fear in the people of Singapore. With this type of world-class security, we can still make mistakes like that. If someone holding onto a wrong passport can leave the country, I suppose whoever is holding onto a fake passport can enter as well.

Or what if the above officers could had actually let in a terrorist who had got ill intentions, remember 911? This thought is indeed fearsome!

I understand 'To err is human', but 5 times?

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Anonymous said...

Blame it on complacency, outsourcing to commercial entities, and the 'not our purview' attitude prevalent among public servants. I once asked a ICA officer at the Tuas checkpoint why M'sian cars with blacked-out windows and windscreens were allowed into Singapore and he said "Oh! That comes under LTA, not us."

Anonymous said...

Like that also can because there is a new nursery rhyme, composed
recently and made well-known :
Blame, blame go away, come again another day, little people want to
play, outsiders pay and pay, BIG people got Bigger and Bigger Pay.

Anonymous said...

If they are really outsourcing our security to commercial entities, that is a sure recipe for disaster.

I think with less job security nowadays in both public and private sectors, people have more or less adopted a 'what the heck' or 'it is not my purview' attitude towards responsibility, simply because the job is not permanent.

While that sort of attitude may be tolerated in other jobs, it is just too important that it does not infest the system where national security is at risk.

Anonymous said...

I agree...these people could nto be bothered anyway they are not staying here and will be living their country anytime...

The attitude was utterly wrong!

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