Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Remember this? SM Goh told residents of Hougang to keep Mr. Low on his toes?

I was shell-shocked when I read this article.

This particular sentence really made me see red!

“They (residents) should thank the Town Council for working hard to come up with a diversified portfolio to generate income so that residents do not have to fork out more money.”

Never mind if the Town Council had made a mistake a not or whether the figures reported were right a not, but the fact that these money were made up from the $20, $30, $40, $50 or even $60 collected from per household per month, would an apology be better? If an apology is so difficult and have nothing nice to say, keep quiet. Be it whether it is a household that is poor or well to do, its still hard-earned money!

This has to be the silliest reply. This reply had made people who were not interested in who the government is as long as they have a job and can make ends meet, to sit up and get angry too!

I've got a few telephone calls and sms today from several friends expressing their views on this matter. They were terribly upset by that insensitive reply amidst difficult times. Colleagues at work were appalled by it too.

Remember the speech that SM Goh gave in Hougang during a National Day dinner? In case you had forgotten, here it is again. Mr. Low's reply to that speech can be found here.

Read point 3...ironic isn't? Who should we send to learn from Hougang Town Council, to keep PAP MPs on their toes?

We really should have a 2-political party system in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

totally agree with you. the next time you know, they will be saying that since the TC had been working so hard so that we don't need to fork out more money, they deserve a fat pay raise end of this year...

talking about rubbing salt to wounds. wahhhaaaaaa!!!!

Xizor2000 said...

We have carelessly given them absolute power. So this is what we get. And as long as we do not consider it a need to take some of that power away by giving it to the opposition, then the TaliPAP will never think they have made mistakes and learn the lessons. But again, is it a surprise that a people who never learn their lessons elected a gahmen who can't do the same?

Anonymous said...

They have been scoring many own goals lately, most of it from their own goalkeeper. You are right. If he has nothing nice to say, just keep quiet. Don't add insult to injury, like asking people to spend money when most are struggling to make ends meet.

tewniaseng said...

Looks like it is Goh chok tong and Teo ho pin who are talking kok, not Ling How Doong.Wasted my vote voting those MPs from troubled TC who are dumb and deaf.

Anonymous said...

This shows how disgusting PAP party can be when they know damn well that they are now losing their popularity these days. Already causing a string of screwed ups and still can show their arrogance nature. I pray and wish the WP to expand their ground and kick all these idiots out of parliaments soon.

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