Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Why the need for TV Licence

Recently, I had been busy with house renovation, moving house and now eventually is unpacking my stuff.

There are a few things that one must do when moving to a new house in Singapore. The list includes:
1) Open account for PUB that consist of electricity, water and gas
2) Telephone line (I believe that more and more family will do without this very soon. In my case, we did not apply for a telephone line)
3) Apply for property tax, and
4) Apply for TV licence

I received my acknowledgment letter from MDA on my application for TV licence. The big heading at the back of the letter caught my eye, it says 'WHY THE NEED FOR TV LICENCE'.

This is what I see,

I was bewildered! It offers no valid explanation.

Below the comic strip reads, 'Under the Broadcasting Act (Cap.28), it is an offence to have a TV set at your home without a valid TV licence, Authorised licensing officers would be conducting checks on properties with no TV licence. A fine of S$200 shall be imposed if a TV set is found at your home during inspection'.
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