Sunday, 16 November 2008

PM Lee says...

.... two-party political model cannot work in Singapore.

My reasons on why more than 1 political party is required to make it right for Singapore based on what PM Lee had said.

He said, "the country is much better off with one dominant party, as long as the PAP provides clean and good government, and the lives of Singaporeans improve."

As mentioned, the country will be in safe hands as long as the PAP is clean and good which I believe they still are. But who will then determine if its clean and good? Let's cite an example of a child who attends School. In School, Teachers make sure that they are good. At home, parents make sure that they are good. At work, employers make sure that employees are good. There must be someone to guard, look out, order for PAP to continue to be clean and good.

Next, Mr Lee said: "If the party doesn't work, if something goes wrong with the party, you can be sure new parties will come, new contests will come. People will spring up to take on the government in no time at all."

If PAP fails, Mr Lee expects a new party to jump out from nowhere to take over? Hence in the meanwhile, we don't need a system with 2 political party? I'm totally flabbergasted!!!

An alternative party has to be seen as an insurance. Do you know what that means?

An insurance means;

1) You can't plan your future in the future, you got to plan it now! Hence, no political party can just spring out from nowhere when the country needs them...the party has to be around now to win elections so as to plan, act and learn...

2) You can say 'you don't need it', but can you say 'your family won't need it'? The PAP can say they don't need 2 political party system but can they say Singaporeans won't need it?

3) No person ever dies at the right time, do they? It means if PAP doesn't work, it may happen at the worse of time, isn't? Therefore, we need an alternative party that is able to take over anytime. But such party cannot be formed overnight, it has to be around now.

4) Sometimes the biggest price that you pay in the world is doing nothing. A lot of people do nothing wrong. They just did nothing. That's what's wrong! Exactly! We should be learning, planning, acting now. We have to do something now and not do nothing.

5) You got to get it when you don't want it, so that you have it when you need it. The country needs more than one political party even if they don't need it now because when they need it they can't have it! Or will have to do with whichever party that will spring up from nowhere! Any political party that is formed hastily or with no experience may not be able to lead!

Lastly, he said,
"But it is not our job to build up the opposition or split the party into two, because it is hard enough to find one team to look after the country. How can we find two?"

We have lots of good, talented people in Singapore. Remember the report that says '
S'pore losing about 1,000 capable people every year'? Oops! I forgot, they gave up their citizenship :(


Anonymous said...

I hope our Opposition parties will become more active in the day-to-day issues. So far I have been disappointed at their performance after so much Hope placed on them. I don't expect they can achieve with only 2 full MPs currently but being in the face of the people can only grow the trust and confidence for future elections.
PAP is just throwing smoke bombs now and many of us can see through the 'wayang' but the Opposition must seize this time to act and not sit on their hands if they want to make a dent and provide a credible check.

Anonymous said...

Interesting analogy...Insurance

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