Monday, 31 December 2007

Looking back at 2007

I thought it would be interesting to jote down my thoughts for the past one year.

1) What had went up in 2007?

- NUH's A & E dept increases fees from $70 to $80
- Skilled Foreign Workers levy to increase from $100 to $150

- KK Women's & Children Hospital increases treatment fees
- Eldershield premium to increase by year end

- NUS revises carpark charges
- IKEA starts to charge for plastic bags

- Inflation soar
- Consultation fees for polyclinics to increase

- Prices of eggs to increase
- Wholesale price of ducks to increase

- GST increases from 5% to 7%
- Hospital bills up between 10% to 30% across all wards

- More ERP + extended operational hours
- ERP rates to increase

- Special needs School fees to go up by 100%
- Employers to buy compulsory medical insurance for foreign workers

- Starhub cable TV sports channel subscriber pay $10 more
- Price of flour went up by 30%

- Cost of retailers rental space increases
- 2nd link toll charges to go up next year

- Comfort Delgro raises taxi fares
- Electricity tariffs to go up

Above mentioned were only some that I can remember or at least I'm concerned with, for the complete list view here.

2) Most heart-wrenching video/ most comical video:

It has to be 'Nation Builders' by Martyn See and the video from our guys at MDA respectively.

3) Most ridiculous saying in Parliament:

Well, who else but Prof Ho Peng Kee on his reasons on why WP's cycling event cannot be carried out....

4) WP events that I am involved in and which one is my most memorable one:

-22nd Jan; YW visit to the new Parliament

-10th Jun; Volunteer as bus leader for Hougang 1-day temple tour

-16th Jun; Hougang Community Awareness Day

-28th Jun; Invited guest by Sylvia to her talk at SCWO

-24th Jun; YW Youth Day outreach at Orchard Road

-1st Jul; Volunteer as bus leader for Hougang 1-day Muar tour

-9th Aug; YW National Day outreach at Kovan & Bedok

-19th Sep; Invitation from NHG to the launch of the 'Mammo Bus'

-22nd Sep; Hougang lantern Parade

-29th Sep; Children's Day Carnival at Gracehaven Home

-3rd Nov; WP 50th Anniversary dinner

-22nd Dec; Hougang Christmas Carnival

-29th Dec; WP Year end BBQ

-30th Dec; YW Charity collection (flyers distribution at Seagull Walk)

Of course not forgetting the weekly 'Hammer Sales' as well as 'EAC Walkabout'.

Hmm... the most memorable event for me was the Children's Day Carnival at Gracehaven Home.

5) Most debated Parliamentary issue:

Hahaha...the gay-issue!

6) Most heart-wrenching incident:

The guys who died in the dragon boat accident is etched deep in my mind.

7) Most concerned topic:

Well, in fact I've got two for this... elderly who can barely make ends meet and minority not going for regular breast checks.

8) Most interactive blog:

9) Most time & effort spent on:

It has to be the WP's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book and event! How to forget!!!!

10) Most look forward to event in 2008:

MY TRIP TO TURKEY, ISTANBUL!!!! Commencing on 18th Jan to 5th Feb...and just in time for CNY back in Singapore :)

Lastly , I would like to wish everyone a very merry New Year!!!


GeekyCoder said...

You might want to include the video of MDA executive rapping as this is most talked about video from stepboard in 2007.

"we don’t stop Get creative can do, rock on Yes, yes, y’all we don’t stop"

Lilian is ... said...


Noted with thanks, added already :)

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