Sunday, 28 October 2007

50th Birthday!

The Workers' Party is turning 50 on 3rd November 2007. Its indeed quite a feat for an alternative party in Singapore to survive this long.

A dinner which will be held at the Fortunate Restaurant at Toa Payoh on 3rd November will see the Party gaining its foothold into their 51st Anniversary. Press, media, friends, members of the party and many other invited guests will be present on that night. Members whom had served and contributed unrelentlessly to the party will be recognised too.

A commemorative book will be on sale. This book touches on WP's history, founder, Mr David Marshall, Mr. JBJ and his victorious Anson win, Mr. Low Thia Khiang's leadership and renewal. What is more interesting is the 5 pages of photo gallery that one will get to see at the back of the book. These pictures includes, photos taken from the 50s, 80s, 90s to the 20th century.

A group of us, headed by Jane, had come together to assist the publisher to help produce the book. Nights and nights of sleep were sacrificed. Proof-reading were done multiple times, selection of pictures were repeatedly done to ensure that the best pictures were chosen. Coming back to proof-reading, the chinese who were involved in this project started to be able to recognised the Tamil language :) Well, this was because we got to counter-check with either the English or Chinese ones to make sure that the pictures chosen were correct. But of course, fortunately we have got our Malay and Tamil members to proof read on those areas. This book which will be available for sale on 3rd November comes in both hard and soft cover.

Preparation of stage decoration, slide show, receptionists, ushers, book-sellers, door gifts, certificates and guest board were all part of the agenda for the dinner.

Talking about guest board, I was suppose to send it for printing into A1 size. Hence I browsed through the net and I found 'Isuccess Solutions' at Sunshine Plaza. The boss quoted me $16 (printing) + $9 (foam mounting), a total of $25 in all. I had emailed my file over to them at least 5 days in advance. Yesterday which was Saturday, I went down to collect the board. To my horror, the boss told me that it cannot be printed, he cannot print.

The first thing that came into my mind was, because its the Workers' Party thingy, therefore he refused to print? Before I could question further, he explained that....."Miss gave me wrong size, so cannot print...."

Oh my! What a relief, I thought to myself. Probably the boss saw my expression he went on to ask...."Why? You thought I am not printing for you because its for the Workers' Party?"

I laughed out loud and went..."Ya lor."

Hmm eventually after printing the board, guess how much the boss, Mr. Robert, charged me?

$12 for everything!

We are less than a week away from the dinner, hereby I would like to wish the party..."Towards a more democratic society, many more sweet savourings to come your way, enjoy your golden years!"

Pictures of the Party's membership card during David Marshall's era, provided by a member who had been with the party since 1959.

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Wow.... the membership card looks interesting. Looks like our old school report card. :P

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