Saturday, 11 August 2007

'Nation Builders' By Martyn See

Andrew recommended this video to me, he told me that he nearly cried...I told him, " Andrew, if it nearly made you cry, then I will probably cry because I am very emotional..."

I watched the video with a heavy heart...

At 13:11 mins, the screen says this:

"My job is to look after those who built nation. Without them doing the hard and dirty work, I would not have had a decent life. I would not have been a leader, my children would not have been educated."
- Lee Kuan Yew, The Straits Times, April 23, 2007

And at exactly 13:20 mins, tears flowed down my cheeks. Marytn focuses on a mega poster along Tanjong Pagar Road which featured LKY and his team and right in front of it, is an old man, very tan, probably from the continuos exposure under the scorching sun, collecting and collating his cardboards....heart-wrenching...I could not bring myself to watch it a second time...


ni said...

After watching this clip, i found that saving is important to every1..
I do not wish to be like them in future... So i must save more with highest interest now to provide gd lifestyle for my family n me :)

Andrew said...

Hi Lilian,

The film speaks what we all see, doesn't it? It reminds me of that song by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. The song is called "Patriot":

"What I feel with my soul, ain't what I see with my eyes..."

I recognise that scene towards the end - of Eunos Crescent. There's this old man at block 25 who has made the void deck his home.

And he's been there for a very long time. I just wonder what the grassroots people have been doing.

Hasn't anyone noticed him before - all these years?


tax-payer said...

Garmet choose to ignore can they not see it? There are just too many of them...

Anonymous said...

yup, sad to see this and this is how the country repaid them...

Choi Har said...

Hi Lilian
Yes! there are many of them making a living on the street. I used to help my mum to collect used wire to burnt it for the copper so the we can get the extra to buy my books. At present I am working with Food From The Heart. We have been providing bread and non perisable food items to these families. At present already reaching out thousands of them. We partner with Rcs or family service to reach the residents but all really depends how passionate the Rcs volunteers are.But do you know why there many still choose to work on street? It all beacuse of their Dignity. They would rather work for themeselves than to depend on hangouts. Whenever hangouts given to any individual, you need to watch whether you affect their dignity..

choi har

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