Friday, 10 August 2007

Happy National Day!

Today, 9th August, is our Nation's Birthday. As per our previous years, the Workers' Party did an outreach. About 25 members turned up at 9am sharp at Kovan MRT, our first destination for the outreach. We were spilt into two teams each lead by both Rahizan and Glenda. Everyone looked fresh, energetic and ready to start the outreach. It was great to see a sea of blue moving off together :)

We went around to convey our wishes in English, Mandarin and Malay...we also handed out flags to little children who were up early for breakfast at the market with their parents.

What made the event more meaningful for me was when I saw some less active members turning up to wish fellow Singaporeans...Happy National Day.

When I saw Jack, memories of last GE came flooding into my mind. I remembered going down to Hougang Town Council to make my oath as both polling and counting agent and Jack was the man whom I met to do my registration :)

We have a new member who just joined us, came for the outreach too. Its his first party event in our party T-shirt, WELCOME Aaron.

I must say that I was really encouraged to hear this from a man who came forward with his daughter to get a flag from Bernard....Ah! This is the party that you should be getting your flag from...

By the way, the people from RCs were there too and YES! We met Cynthia Phua again. We greeted each other and she and her group of people mingled around with us for about 5 mins or so and they moved off.

A group of our members even started to sing the National Anthem and other songs such as 'Count On Me, Singapore", "Stand Up For Singapore", etc...

Our next destination was Bedok Interchange and we ended the day with really sweet and mouth-watering longans to quench our thrist.

We also took a group photo under this interesting banner in Bedok Hawker Centre.

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