Saturday, 11 August 2007

881, The Movie

Swee Bee, Clara, Gordon and myself went to catch the sneak preview of 881, a Royston Tan production, at AMK Hub.

Its a musical-movie which comprises of hokkien songs. It featured two young Seventh Month starlets who call themselves the Papaya Sisters journey to become one of the most popular 'ge tai' singers in Singapore.

A tale of two very good friends, their struggle for success and the obstacles they face. Towards the end of the story, one of them is stricken with cancer.

'Ge Tai' veterans such as Lim Ru Ping, Ling Li and Liu Ling Ling cast in the movie as well. As usual, Liu Ling Ling is the most entertaining one. The audiences in the cinema could not help but laughed aloud whenever she starts speaking.

Story line was good, costumes were flamboyant and colourful, songs sang were fantastic. I, for one who does not listen to hokkien songs was mesmerised by it too. There were some memorable scenes in the show...the part where the two sisters went to beg 'The Goddess' to bless them with a good voice and the last part, where one of them is suffering from cancer and eventually passed away. However, unnecessary characters such as 'The Goddess' was a bit err.... and other special effects...

Anyway after the movie, we went down to the carpark to get Gordon's car. And guess what? When we got into the lift, the whole group of people inside were sniffing away and of course with red, puffy eyes... we all cried...

I would rate this movie 3.5/5, below is the movie trailer:

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