Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Dengue cases...

We were doing our weekly hammer sales outreach at Blk 105, Hougang Avenue 1 yesterday around 10.30am. Knowing that we were stepping into the 'black area' marked by NEA for Dengue cases, I took a peep at several drains along the market area.

This was what we found, drains right in front of the market entrance were choked with rubbish like, cigarette butts, vegetables, dirt, etc...

By the way, for people who had been reading the papers...you may have noticed that it is always stated as areas in Hougang are marked 'black areas'. Please be alerted that not all Hougang areas are under Hougang Constituency. Remember it is a single ward, how can it cover such a big area. And this particular place that we went to yesterday was under Aljunied Town Council and thus Aljunied GRC.

After seeing that, a call was made to the Aljunied Town Council which transferred us to EMSU because it was not operating on Sunday. The reply from EMSU was... we will send someone to check on it immediately.

Guess what...we were there till 1pm plus, but no sign of these people coming down to check the drains at all! So much for saying want to check...

I fear for the people staying there, especially the elderly and children who had weaker immune system. I also cannot help but wonder....if today this call was made to NEA to complain about this situation in an area in the Hougang Constituency...what will happen? They will send someone down immediately? They are stricter with opposition wards? Then it will probably appear headlines in tomorrow's papers?

Hmm....I have no idea... but its something to think about...By the way, I had written this case to NEA this morning, lets see what's their reply and HOW long will they take to reply.

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