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More on Jacky Cheung's Concert

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"King of Cantopop" Jacky Cheung is still heavenly

Five years' absence hasn't diminished the allure of Jacky Cheung.

While lesser stars would have faltered after such a long time away from live concerts, the Hong Kong crooner showed why he is still the reigning "King of Cantopop" after so many years.

At 46, the singer displayed no signs of slowing down as he put up one energetic performance after another on Friday, the opening night of his three-day concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The Singapore pit stop — part of The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 2007 which started in February in Las Vegas — saw the "Heavenly King" deliver an assured gig to a mesmerised full-house crowd.

The first part of his three-hour concert was all nifty footwork and elaborate costumes, as he belted out his fast numbers.

The mood was light-hearted as the star bantered easily with the crowd, taking witty digs at himself.

He also sang self-compositions for his elder daughter (he has two) and wife, former actress May Lo, as well as a touching number dedicated to close friend Anita Mui, the "Queen of Cantopop" who passed away in December 2003.

Fans were also given a thea-trical treat when the versatile Cheung gave a mini-musical of sorts mid-way into his concert, delivering scenes from his 2005 movie, Perhaps Love..

But it was only during the second half of the concert that the delighted crowd got up on their feet.

During the lengthy encore, a dressed-down Cheung showed why no fanciful accompaniments are needed if one is blessed with a mellifluous voice.

His solid vocals delivered a string of Cantonese and Mandarin hits, including the ballad Loving You More Everyday.

When the curtains came down at the last song, Blessing, his fans were no doubt hoping that their idol will not take another five years to return to where he belongs — the concert stage. - TODAY/ra

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