Monday, 16 July 2007


The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 2007.....

The last time I watched his concert was in 2002. Knowing that age is catching up and he is releasing album at a slower pace, I decided that I should catch this concert.

As I knew that his concert is always a crowd-drawer I decided to purchase the tickets FAST! I was excited over this concert, he had hundreds and hundreds of songs which I love and moreover, he can really sing.

Accompanied by Swee Bee and my sister who is 5 months pregnant, we reached the Indoor Stadium at about 8.05pm. We spend most of our time queuing for our turn to the toilet. Haha...guess what? When the concert finally start the queue disappeared and of course we hurriedly make our way to our $168 per ticket seats.

Jacky started with a cantonese song, " 爱火花". After a few fast no. songs, he went in to change into his 2nd outfit. I took this oppotunity to scout around the whole stadium. It was packed, fully-packed with people. People from different countries and ages. The crowd was enthusiastic. Oh, how thoughtful of him to ask the crowd," would you guys prefer me to speak in mandarin or cantonese?" It was later decided by the cheering of the crowd that he should be speaking in cantonese and of course more cantonese songs please.

What came as a surprise to me was the input of a 30 minutes musical of " 雪狼湖 " and " 如果爱 ". It was such a fantastic performance that the whole stadium of people were mesmerized by it.

To me the highlight of the concert came at about 10.40pm. It was the ENCORE session....Jacky sang songs that brought back memories for a lot of us...songs that grew up with us, songs that were with us when we were happy, sad or down. When he started singing cantonese songs in his ENCORE session, the crowd was over-whelming. People were standing up, swaying, clapping and tapping away with his singing. Some audience even made their way to the front row when he sang the last song " 祝福 ". With that it marked a remarkable performance by Jacky Cheung. The concert ended at about 15 mins before 12am...

The song below was abstracted from youtube....its one of my favourite :) (Concert held in Hong Kong)

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