Thursday, 19 July 2007

Reply from NEA...

This was the reply I got from NEA with regards to my email to them on 'choking drains' at Hougang Avenue 1.

Dear Ms Lilian Lee

Thank you for your feedback in respect of Litters in Drain at 105 Hougang Avenue 1.

We have referred your feedback to Aljunied Town Council as the matter comes under their purview.

Please call me or email if I can be of further service.

Thank you for your time and feedback.


Siti Zuliana Nandir (Ms)
Customer Service Officer
Tel: 1800-CALL NEA [1800-2255 632]
National Environment Agency Call Centre

cc:GMTC Aljunied

We would appreciate it if you could look into the matter under your purview and reply directly to Ms Lilian Lee. Thank You. what is NEA's duty in this dengue prevention drive? Middle person? Just conveying of messages? Are they not going to do anything about it? Are they not going to send someone down? Or they should call up Aljunied Town Council immediately rather than email!

They took 2 days to reply to me. In other words they took 2 days to inform Aljunied Town Council. By then, the choking could have gotten worse or someone may had been affected by it. And who knows how fast Aljunied Town Council would take action...So this is how efficient our staff from NEA are, haiz...

(Logo abstracted from NEA website)


Anonymous said...

It is like this one... template A...

if you want immediate action/reply, send the email to the ceos, directors and heads... that's the only way to get things moving

tax-payer said...

Hahaha...i like that...template A.
Thats how our garment work...Just follow law...

Anonymous said...

Instead of making it a Town Council vs the People issue, it would be far better to include active solving dengue issues as part of your outreach.

Rise above the destructive competitive mindset and tackle the dengue issue, which is an Aljunied GRC and Singaporean issue.

Do you think it is actually possible for them to respond to every single dengue alert like this? Is making the incumbent look bad more important than showing what good you can do for your would-be supporters?

tax-payer said...

Hmm...Yes every individual should be alerted and know how to deal with dengue related issues.

So the shop owners of this particular market should be taught what to do and how to do. I agree its not a town council problem, its everyones responsibility.

But when alerted the town council should take action fast and not delay the process.

Today u are at work, your boss ask you to do something which is really urgent, can u drag for 2 days or more then get it done?

Im not saying that we are the boss here....but on the other hand are we not? Who gives them their pay????????

Maybe u dont need to pay tax...student? Or?

So we should just stand by and do nothing the next time we see things like that?

Im quite sure if today your area has this problem, u too will call up your town council to look into it. And you would want them to act fast. Because you care for your family, for the people in your estate, don't you, Anonymous?

Bolster said...

Btw Anonymous, a lot of things the outreach had done or achieve was not reported. No coverage given. When a good deed is done, its not commended, not reported. Reporters dont know, news not reported, meaning public dont know.

So how do you know that nothing is done?

When one is doing something meaningful and good, we dont have to spread it lor...just do what we think its right :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe u dont need to pay tax...student? Or?
You do yourself a disservice by resorting to ad hominen statements like this :)

I was part of the 43.6%, so you can infer the answer to your question (if you so crave such satisfaction).

While I am unaware of the extend of the outreach, I am aware of where the right sources are. At the moment, you are your own reporter, and I'm responding to what you have reported here.

There are inefficiencies in every system, stemming from the simple fact that there are only so many things an entity can do. Can we expect them to be everywhere all the time?

To point out one such example and hold it up as irrevertible proof of the failure of the system is, in my opinion, petty (for want of a better word/phrase).

Yes, it is worth asking what the role of NEA is here. But passing a judgment on them without more information doesn't lend your conclusion any credibility.

My point was, and still is, earning goodwill is more important

tax-payer said...

Glad to know that you are one of the voters too :)

I agree to this:

"Yes, it is worth asking what the role of NEA is here. But passing a judgment on them without more information doesn't lend your conclusion any credibility.

My point was, and still is, earning goodwill is more important."

But dont understand...reporting???
As for 'petty', i look at it as...made ppl more aware????

Well, every individual can have different thinking or mindset, we cannot expect everyone to think like what I think... :)

Nice talking to you though, you have a flair when it comes to writing and expressing. Have seen several of your comments elsewhere...but dont know if they are all the same person a not. Do you have a blog of your own? Would like to browse through.

tax-payer said...

OH Anonymous, i understand already :)

I'm not the reporter here. no blog, nothing. I cannot really write well as you can already see...i had offended you by saying "Maybe u dont need to pay tax...student? Or?"

Thank you for visiting