Monday, 25 June 2007

Long day!

It was a pretty long day for me today. In the morning, the Workers' Party organised a Hammer Sales briefing cum Thank you lunch at HQ. Choong Yong and myself were involved in the briefing and therefore we had to be there earlier. This briefing cum lunch was from 11-2.30pm.

In the afternoon, Youth Wing had organised an outreach programme at Orchard Road for Youth Day. We also gave out pens to commemorate Youth Day.

2 groups of Youth Wing exco and members walked down from Orchard Road to Youth Park under the scorching sun. We started the event at about 3.30pm and ended it in about an hour time. We all met up at the Youth Park because its a youth outreach done by the Workers' Party Youth Wing :) All of us had done an excellent job, give ourselves a round of applause!

Picture on top: Workers' Party Youth Wing Exco

Oops! Not done yet....after the outreach, we had a Youth Wing meeting which ended at 6pm. Shortly when I reached home, I'm on my way to a Hougang Temple dinner!!!! Exhausting day it was.

Oh! But we certainly enjoyed ourselves :)

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