Saturday, 23 June 2007

1-Day Pengarang Trip

Yesterday, our agency (H42-Peggy Lim & Associates) went on a 1-day Pengarang trip. We met at Marsiling MRT at about 8am and we made our way there. The females form the majority of our agency :)

It was more like an educational tour. Fruit farm, mango plantation (the mangoes were so good that everyone left the place with at least 3 kg on hand to carry back home), Herbal farm (where some of our girls learn about herbal leaves, etc) and Ostrich farm.

The picture above shows me carrying a 2 day old ostrich. Apprehensive was the word to describe my feeling. I was afraid of hurting the ostrich which looks so fragile. The farm had quite a number of ostriches. We also managed to catch a pair of mating ostrich :)

The highlight of yesterday's tour was the viewing of the fireflies. Peck San brought a bottle of mosquito repellant which was definitely useful. All 15 of us got onto a boat at around 8.30pm and we were off to the very deep and remote side of the JB river. Oh ya, we were all told to wear life jackets before going onto the boat.

When we finally reach the area, a whole stretch of fireflies greeted us. Oh, what a sight! It was so beautiful and amazing. None of us had ever seen fireflies before and everyone was mesmerized by it. Some of them even managed to catch a few to examine it.

We reached Singapore customs at about 11pm. It was indeed an interesting day. Thank you gals, you all had made the trip more fun :)


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