Monday, 25 June 2007

Youth Day outreach @ Orchard Road

The Workers' party Youth Wing Exco and members did a public outreach on 24th June 2007 along Orchard Road.

This outreach was to create greater awareness and exposure of the Workers' Party Youth Wing which a lot of people is not aware of. People often associate the hammer with WP. Therefore, for this outreach we only wanted to use the WPYW logo.

We were divided into two groups of 8 people with Perry (YW President) and Salim (YW Vice-President) leading these teams. Initial response from the public was quite cold. People refused to accept the pens even though its FOC and some would shun us too. I don't know was it because we were from the WP or these people just could not care? Oh yes, we were surprised to find more foreigners than locals along Orchard Road on a Sunday afternoon!

However, as we went on we got the hang of it too. Very soon, everyone in my team is engaging with people and we were very on the ball. We started to look out for people and some even approached us :) We walked down from Orchard MRT to Somerset MRT, at times we stopped at traffic light junction to talk and reach out to people. And yes, we welcome feedback on this event and we hope to make it better the next time round.

The message on the card says, "On behalf of the Youth Wing, we would like to wish everyone a Wonderful Youth Day!!! As part of our growing process, we are constantly looking at expanding the Youth Wing. If you think you have what it takes, drop us an email at: or you may visit our website at"

We ended the day with an excellent picture taken in front of the Youth Park :)

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