Saturday, 23 April 2011

Q & A with TNP

Lee Li Lian, 32

Occupation: Trainer with insurance company Great Eastern Life

Career Highlights: She has been actively involved in both industrial and financial sales for the past six years, before moving on to become a recruitment manager with a private institution. She took on her current position as a trainer in 2008.

Family: She is the eldest in the family with two younger sisters. Her father, 62, is currently a store-keeper, while her mother, 59, baby-sits her niece.

She is married to Mr Jacky Koh, 34, a telecommunications consultant. He goes overseas a lot, and is back in Singapore once every two to three months. The couple plan to have children after the GE.

Q: You are concerned about stay-at-home mums and single parents. How do you intend to help them?

A: They should not be forgotten. Give them monetary incentives. Don't leave them out from workfare bonuses. For single parents, I think they should be given tax reliefs, baby bonuses, help when buying a new home... they should not be left out.

Q: What are some of the challenges that you face so far as a female opposition candidate?

A: I don't think gender is an issue. I think the question should be about the challenges that I face as an opposition candidate.

People have this fear when you join an opposition party, they want to know, how are you, do you have to be careful about the way you speak...But nothing is going to happen as long as we do the right things right.

Q: Why join the WP?

A: I want to get rid of the fear that I mentioned earlier, and I have to choose the right party. I see the WP as the right party and the right leader to follow. During the previous elections, I had a chance to speak to them, and I saw them on stage and see how they present themselves and ensure that everything is all right, everyone is together.

That gave me the belief that this is the party to join.

Q: Mr Low Thia Khiang said that you have been a good mobiliser of your husband and your family members. How so?

A: My husband flew back from his busy work schedule to be with me to give me support during this period. He has a role in the Workers' Party General Election this year; he's going to be our photographer. My husband has a flair and passion for photography.

My mother is helping me to source for cooks for polling agents. My father joins me on my walkabouts, so people can see that I've the support of my family. I think that's important. My father has also been helping with the distribution of flyers.


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