Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The last lap

We have come very far from GE2006, WP comrades and myself.

From making weekly house visits, outreach events, bonding and brainstorming sessions to getting ready for GE2011. This team went through a lot together.

During the last 2 months or so, I found another team that is the team of volunteers and of course Bernard too :) who were very supportive and committed to our cause. My family and husband are all behind me. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to everyone of them, thank you :)

Tomorrow, I will be making my way to the nomination centre with our assentors and supporters. I know regardless of how many we have, the white and white will outnumber us. Is ok, is not the number that matters. It is the spirit we have.

I really really don't want to disappoint our supporters.

Wish us luck!


DK said...

Good luck and wish you and your team all the best!

Frankie said...

May God's Presence be with you and the WP Team from now until after the Polling Day. God bless!

Anonymous said...

hey lilian, have attended ur training sessions before at GE and i must say i love ur lively personality! all the best~! jiayou! :)

Hope said...

Hi Lilian,

Words can hardly describe how touched I am knowing that Mr Low is contesting in Aljunied GRC. He is the hero of Singapore. Flighting for the rights and democracy for the people. All the best to you as well. Thank you Lilian, Mr Low and wp FOR FIGHTING for Singaporeans. The Dawn is coming.The change is coming.

Mr X said...

Hi WP team, I'm posting this in a number of your members' blogs hoping that one of them would get through.

I've been to your rallies and generally agree with WP's approach to educating voters and emphasizing to them the secrecy of election votes.

However, there is something which I think your speakers in subsequent rallies need to inform the voters. As there are no doubt many first time voters this round, please emphasize strongly that it is NORMAL to have your name & NRIC shouted out at the polling centre. You must inform voters that this is part of the procedure and not some grand conspiracy to mark them.

I'm concerned that some new voters might get scared out of their wits and vote out of fear in that short 30 seconds if that's their maiden vote.

Hope you can address this at subsequent rallies.

Thank you.

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