Friday, 15 January 2010

My personal review for 2009

Its been a while since I updated my blog. I had been really busy at work due to the shortage of staff. Hopefully with 2 more headcount things would be better. Apart from work, I’m also busy with the renovation of my new house. Still it gives no reason for the lack of updates and hence for the year 2009, here is my first post. It is my personal review of 2009.

1) My silliest mistake:

This blog post, ‘Prosperous New Year!’ I wish everyone a good Ox year but the picture that I had posted was actually the Tiger which is this year!

2) Campaigns which to me is worth to participate in:

3) Most bewildered forum article:

Reconsider 5-day week?

4) Most heart-wrenching news:

Something that happened in KL.

5) Most interesting video:

‘Send Ah Kong to JB’

6) Proudest moment:

Its my proudest because I never expect myself to be voted as the 'Best Speaker' for my maiden speech made in my first Toastmasters appearance. I will be posting my speech on my blog soon.

7) Most talked about issue:

AWARE saga

8) Most well-written article on the issue of Bilingual policy, something which I was quite paying attention to:

‘No Apology Needed’

9) Most heart-wrenching experience:

‘Education Trust’ magazine interview that I was involved in. A group of us was tasked to interview several recipients and trustee for the ‘Education Trust’ magazine that is in the making.

I should be writing about my experience for the next ‘Hammer’ article in the 2nd quarter of this year.

10) Most eventful moment:

It has to be the purchase of my new house and the on-going renovation.

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