Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Work VS Making babies

The article, Reconsider 5-day week?.... makes me see red!

The first sentence,

"MORE free time did not result in more babies, so people should go back to work on Saturdays. "

What rational is that? No correlation at all!

Implementing a 5-day work week has nothing to do with making babies! It is in my opinion , for work-life-balance. It is to encourage more family time. It is time-off for singles to have more time to socialize and hopefully get married.

That 1/2 day is not going to make married couples make more babies. On top of that, a person who is working on a 5-day work week may still end up to be working 5-1/2 days due to the amount of overtime.

That was indeed a very insensitive reply from NMP Loo Choon Yong. As if that's not enough he went on to say....

'I urge the Government to take steps to determine whether our productivity and competitiveness have been affected by the five-day week and to review the policy, if necessary,' he added.

It is sad to know that Singaporeans have to work extra long hours to be competitive.

By the way, if you work overtime you are hardworking.

But in the States, bosses will think that you are inefficient hence not able to complete assigned work on time!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lilian,

I've read the remarks made by the "remarkable man of the moment",notice the irony in my reconsider the 5-day work wk,i did a background check on this man,he turns out be worth $110million bucks,co-founder of Raffles Medical Group & other credentials as well...what was worth notifying about this Dr Loo is he's a distinguished man in the civil service,but what is so civil about him?

Let me just clarify that this Dr Loo is only thinking about himself,being selfish & self-righteous,a hypocrite who only looks after his own welfare!He couldn't care less about the people of Spore,to him,Singaporeans are machines who need lubricants & maintenance,not love & compassion,go figure!

PS : Ever thought about migrating anywhere else?!Just look @ the direction Singapore is heading!I foresee that someday "The Great FT Purge" may happen,in other words,death & destruction...its just a time-bomb waiting to explode where Singaporeans may resort to violence to get rid of the pests in our society..does this remind you of Nazi Germany?The Third Reich?

With Much Regrets,
James Michael Parthi.

Anonymous said...

I've said this many times and i will say it again. Please don't listen too much from some of our NMPs' comments . They are not using their brains to think clearly before making the remarks.
Sometimes they can make common citizens like you and me vommit blood.

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