Wednesday, 18 March 2009

After Jobs Credit Scheme was introduced...

Jobs Credit Scheme which was introduced in the last Budget was aimed at preventing retrenchment.

Unfortunately, since its announcement, companies that still opt for retrenchment includes:

Panasonic, 18th March 2009

Delphi Automative, 15th March 2009

StatsChip, 11th Feb 2009

Deutsche, 7th Feb 2009

Chartered Semi-conductor, 30th Jan 2009

and, possible to retrench; Nokia

What I had listed above are some of the names we are familiar with. View the whole list here: Jobscentral Retrenchment.


Anonymous said...

The job credit does help my company to avoid implementing pay cut

Lilian is ... said...

I'm glad to hear that :) it should since that the objective of the JCS.

Anonymous said...

The author of an article found in:
had made the point that the Job Credit Scheme will not work. There will of course be some hits but possibly many losses when a shot-gun approach is taken.

The question is, is the JCS the best utilisation of taxpayers' money from a cost:benefit perspective. It may seem not.

A method, which many other governments resort, to create jobs is however suggested. The comments found in the posts are worth reading.

Lilian is ... said...

Thank you for the info :)

Gerald Giam said...

Thanks for listing the's just what I needed for an article I'm writing...:)

Lilian is ... said...

U are welcome, Gerald :)

Tim said...

I think a policy becomes very questionable when its created not because of a sincere need to achieve results, out of what's needed as accorded by numbers, but because of politics, where the govt needs to seen to be doing something.

The sad thing is that they just don't care about the overall effectiveness of the policy and the results; this is after all, a results orientated business and they ignored it at their peril.

There's a reason why Obama abandoned it early. The PAP should have done more research instead of just looking at politics.

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