Friday, 27 March 2009

1st woman Minister

Following the recent changes made to the cabinet, Lim Hwee Hua's new position caught my attention.

Finally we have a woman Minister.

Apart from sharing the same inspiration as me ie: to inspire more women to join politics, I also believe that it can bring about a more balanced views on issues raised as mentioned by Mrs. Singam, President of AWARE.

Mrs Lim mentioned in the Straits Times report that, 'I hope this will signal that Singapore belongs equally to both men and women.'

For me, I hope that with a woman Minister, we can see equality for women as well. The current system that deprives single, unwed mothers of equal benefits as other mothers is something that I'm deeply concerned with.

An article I have written on these mothers, highlighted their plight and why we should not forget them.

May we seriously look into this issue so that we can reduce the chances of seeing this type of articles - "Newborn Baby Dump at Airport", Reported in Straits Times, 27th March 2009

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