Friday, 20 February 2009

What an inhuman suggestion!

Came across this letter by Mr. Siu Yow Wee in the ST forum on why the government should make surrogate motherhood legal.... which was absolutely absurd!

In his letter, he listed down 4 benefits of legalizing surrogate motherhood:

1) Women who cannot give birth or career women climbing the corporate ladder who do not want to give birth can fulfil their needs.

Women who cannot give birth can still resort to test-tube babies.

Career women who do not want to give birth and yet want to fulfil their needs of having a baby is conflicting! When a mother does not want to give birth, for some reason and engages a surrogate mother, the bond between the mother and child is instantly broken. Hence nothing is fulfilled!

2) Non-working women who want to supplement their family income can be surrogate mothers to help these other women. Also, explore allowing foreign maids, employed solely for this purpose, to act as surrogate mothers, but ensure that their pay is fair and their welfare is monitored.

This is even worse!!!!!!!!! Let me cite an example: Imagine having an Indonesian lady as a surrogate mother. The woman that is paying for this service is a Chinese lady. The child will likely take after the skin colour of the Indonesian lady. When this child goes to school, he/ she will become the centre of attention for the wrong reason hence causing emotional stress to the child. (Note: I'm just using Indonesian lady as an example it can be any Nationality)

On top of that to treat foreign or lesser well-to-do women this way is equivalent to treating them as machines! Child-bearing machines! This is utter disrespect for women and motherhood!

3) This will help to reverse the declining birth rate and boost the replacement ratio.


One of the reason for declining birth rate is, our women or rather married couples are not able to see the value of having a child yet. They see the cost and stress of having to raise one especially in Singapore.

4) Singapore can enhance its reputation as a first-class medical hub that offers surrogate motherhood services to Singaporean and even foreign couples. This will boost medical tourism and research and development on surrogate motherhood.

I'm sorry, I don't think I want my country to be known for this and be proud of it.

What is going to become of us if giving birth is to become a business? And what will become of our 'Roots' which our children nowadays are already lacking the knowledge or interest in?

In conclusion, the government should not even consider it at all!


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, surrogate mums only 'incubate' eggs to maturity and do not fertilize them. Hence, the point about skin color may not apply.

But yes, a big YES, you are right, it is utterly inhuman to treat women like convenient utilitarian economic machines.

Women who do not wish to be pregnant but want children probably do so for practical reasons like pleasing in-laws, getting government grants and preserving their position on the corporate ladder.

They will never love their children more than themselves because they treat children as a means to an end, which is to safeguard their own selfish interests.

bikyohui2 said...

agree.... wat is this person thinking???

Anonymous said...


COMPLETELY. I think the sockpuppet writing these nutcase stories must be having a laugh writing such insane stories... I hope it isn't a real person.

Anonymous said...

INSANE suggestion!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dun listen to this clown who is a fool to make a ridiculous statement,after all,he has a brain that is a size of a pea...hahahaha!!

Never bother about these morons & bozos who are paid to talk,no action!
y not ask them to test it on their wives or sisters or female friends...wonder what the reaction will be??!!

James Michael Parthi.

Tim said...

To a very very huge extent, such a suggestion is only very sexist, but treats the bond between the child and his/her mum as something temporarily.

To say the idea should be buried 6 feet underground and never get revealed again is an understatement on my part.

surrogate motherhood said...

in my opinion, the surrogate motherhood wasn't that bad..
if we use the surrogate for the right purpose. I think it can bring the joy for the family who cannot have child. Well, you might think about adoption but adoption still didn't feel your own child..
Do it for the right reason and you might not feel guilty to use it.

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