Sunday, 10 August 2008

WP's National Day Outreach

The National Day outreach is an annual event that the WP will not miss. For an update of WP's 2007 National Day outreach, click here.

We set off from as early as 8am to get to our first meet-up destination, Raffles Place. At about 15 mins after 9am, the team lead by both Shin Leong (Org Sec of WP) and Eric Tan (Treasurer of WP) were ready to move off.

We never fail to create a slight stir on every 9th August. I think we are by far the only group of people that will walk down from the 1st cabin of the train to the last one in two neat rows as we greet everyone of the commuters, 'Happy National Day'!

We did that until we reach our destination, Hougang MRT.

We went around in clusters to greet everyone with well-wishes in as many languages and dialect as we can handle :)

As the saying goes, 'The early bird catches the worm' applies to the children who were up fresh and early despite it being a weekend. These children were handed out a flag as well as a tattoo by our members.

After spending about an hour or so in Hougang we moved off to Kovan.

We did the same thing and ended the day around lunch time. It was very encouraging to see our members taking such an effort to be present.

National Day is about our Nation, hence to all Nation builders, my deepest appreciation; THANK YOU!

Photo Gallery of WP's National Day Outreach


Eatmoney said...

I agree with the manner in which WP members use the 9th Aug to interact with the ordinary people.
The WP leadership should follow up on this activity as frequently as possible, reaching out to as many HDB estates. I look forward to the day when we can truly celebrate national day as a poeple!

Anonymous said...

good work!

Anonymous said...

PM Lee is unable fix you guys!

Thank you for visiting