Tuesday, 25 March 2008

How long more are we going to wait?

Heard the news last night and saw this report today.

Mixed feelings was what I had.

What I heard from the news was that, this man whom had made a false report on spotting Mas Selamat is going to be jailed for 21 months.

He is the sole-bread winner in the family which comprises of a diabetic wife, eldest child is in a 'Home' and the other 2 younger ones are schooling.

Ng, pleaded guilty and had admitted to all his mistakes.

The deputy public prosecutor, Wendy Yap, said Ng has seriously jeopardised the search for Mas Selamat and had caused a waste of precious man hours that could have been better utilised.

Yes, Ng, had committed a mistake here. If Ng is penalised for his mistakes, then who is going to be penalised for Mas Selamat's escape? Who is held responsible?

When Ng pleaded for leniency because his family needs him, the Judge said that he had committed a grevious mistake.

May I ask, which is more grevious?

Ng, making a false report? or,

The failure to ensure Mas Selamat's detention and still not finding him after 26 days?

Yes, Ng was to be blame for making false report and especially so for causing inconveniences for Mr Hong Bok Leng... on the other hand, something more serious had already happened and there is still no traces of the escaped JL leader. Who is to be blame? So far I had not heard anyone being penalised for this.

'Singapore says no evidence Mas Selamat fled to Indonesia'...then show us where is he! If he had already fled or even dead, say so. Don't take Singpaoreans as fools and to have everyone feeling so uptight about the issue. Moreover, this issue had caused stricter security checks at the Woodlands custom. Not only had the massive jam caused a drop in business for the Malaysians, it may also affect Singaporeans indirectly.


If trucks of frozen poultry or vege, etc can only make their trip to Singapore suppliers once a day whereas in normal times they could be travelling twice or thrice, that will eventually cause a demand more than supply situation. Prices may jolly well increase due to the shortage. Will this happen?

I'm sure our Police force can do much more.

Take for instance the Outram MRT guy whom was shot. The police managed to track him down within 2 hours yet they cannot find Mas Selamat in 26 days! Yes, I know that this guy went through training, etc...but its 26 days already! Indonesia, being a bigger country than us, captured him and probably they must be thinking that they had made a mistake by sending him back to Singapore.

How long more are we going to wait?


Anonymous said...

Well Lilian

Everyone is equal but some people are more equal than others.

This man made a mistake so he has to pay and will be used as a example for all the other mischief makers.

The men in white only make honest mistakes and will be used as a example for all as a learning example.

That is the way it work here..

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lilian. I expect the top guy to be punished even more severely than Ng for the escape of golden safety. Just wait and see. We are a very fair society with a very fair garment.

Anonymous said...

imagine this - Mas was actually an innocent person, and an angel came down and helped take him out of the jail.If you believe in the Acts of the Apostle, could this be true? Seriously, I believe the search will stop only if he is found dead, or he makes a public statement like Osama bin laden from some foreign land. If not, the government will be too embarrassed to call a halt to the search. Like you, I wonder who will be punished for allowing this million dollar error to continue ad nauseaum.

Jadenster said...

Slight note about the imported frozen foodstuffs. The jam is for out-going traffic, in-bound is pretty much unaffected (not to say there's no jam, it's just not as horrific as the one going into JB).

Anonymous said...

We do not have to wait, neither should we be too worry about the Issue.

Have we ascertain that the so called terrorists are as vicious as they are described? And are they for real?


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with punishing this chap for his prank. But 21 mths in JAIL?
No accountability has been even suggested on the people who failed in the line of duty (paid by public funds) so far. This place is a joke.

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