Thursday, 8 May 2008

YW President’s statement on Vote@18

The Workers’ Party Youth Wing (WPYW) wishes to thank, once again, all participants who attended the inaugural YouthQuake forum on votng @ 18 on Saturday, 3rd May 2008.

A full house with many new and youthful faces is testament to the timeliness and impact of this matter but more so an editorial by Andy Ho of the Straits Times (8 May 2008) perhaps alluding to the WPYW forum (as a public forum - which is factually accurate).

We agree with the arguments raised in Mr. Ho’s editorial, since virtually all of these arguments were raised by the speakers at the above event and duly recorded by Mediacorp, and urge that this matter be debated in Parliament regardless of partisan standing.

We stand united for the betterment of the nation.

Watch this space for the next forum coming up on issues of national importance and their impact on Singaporean Youth!

Perry Tong

President, WPYW

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