Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Non-sensical approach from a Non-AWOL Team

Read this:

How to tahan something like that!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is what a Non- AWOL team can produce or come up with? Genius! First in the world! No doubt!

How is one going to determine or justify which precinct is the dirtiest?

So besides getting contractors to clean up the estate, more people are going to be employed to weigh litter? Is Aljunied Town Council trying to create job opportunities here? What a unique way of doing it! Uniquely Singapore indeed!

Cynthia Phua said...the council would tie conservancy charges to the index only if it found an objective measure of cleanliness.

If only they can find an objective measure of cleanliness! Please tell us how! Very curious...

And Mr. George Yeo, was this how other countries are doing to help clean up the estate? Is this what you have learnt from your visitation to other countries?

Our Non-AWOL team is indeed very creative.

The main difference between AWOL and Non-AWOL is the ability to think out of the box and come up with interesting, first of a kind type of policy! How wonderful!

Instead of charging the dirtiest precinct higher S & C charges...why not give discounts to the cleanest precinct? If a measure of cleanliness is able to be put in place then the latter should be implemented! Wasn't this taught in School? Motivate your best students and help the poorer ones, not rub salt into the wounds!

People of Aljunied GRC, if this is to be implemented, you had better either help look out for inconsiderate neighbours or exercise your votes wisely. Show them you don't like what is being implemented. Show your displeasure!

This should be the last straw,unless our Non-AWOL team come up with more brilliant ideas in future!


alfred said...

Today's Sunday Times saw Cynthia retracting on her comments and saying something to the effect that she must have been misinterpreted! To hell that she was misunderstood, as she meant what she had said. She formerly ran the Toa Payoh Town Council as her General Manager and she had ran it then with an iron fist, coming up with all sorts of exorbitant charges to allow permits for various activities. We have to trust her that that streak will forever be within her! If as an MP she cannot even express herself properly, then she had better be off. Anyway, I have never for once think she is capable - just that she had greatness thrusted upon her by some blind people from PAP, and put on a pedestal so high that she now has problems coming off it!

Anonymous said...

100& agreed, alfred!

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