Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Step forward to make it happen :)

This post is in response to quite a collective number of feedback both on my blog as well as from my acquaintances.

The question is, how many candidates can WP fill in the next election? The feedback some gave was, fill more candidates, this will increase the probability of having more seats in the parliament.

Thank you for the feedback :) and am glad to know that people are more open to the idea of having opposition in parliament now.

The answer to these questions and feedback lies on 1 factor; how many members can we have by the next election?

Yes, manpower is what we need. We cannot be having all members that have calibre to run as candidates. If everyone is to stand as candidate, who is going to be in charge of the support work?

Support work such as:

- Queuing up at Cantonment Police Station for a rally venue.

- Liasing with contractors on building tentages, stages, lightings for the rally to take place.

- Making sure that we have enough people to run errands such as obtaining forms from the Election Dept, filling it up and handing it in.

- Manpower to walk the grounds together with the candidates when they do house to house visits.

- Manpower to liaise with printers on printing election posters, calling cards, brochures,flyers, pamphlets, etc

- People to go around the contested areas to put up election posters.

- People to do research on rally topics, what to say what not to say.

What else?

Every candidate will need to have an Election agent.

Every SMC requires 1 election agent. GRC (depending on the no. of people) 5 election agents.

On top of that, every election centre need at least 2 - 4 Polling agents. Counting agents are also required in counting centres.

And there could be a lot more that I had missed out...

In other words, what we really really need is manpower. Without sufficient manpower, how can we fill in more candidates? If everyone becomes a candidate who will be doing all these? Candidates cannot be doing support work and running for election at the same time.

To me, every win that the opposition had achieved is a 101% win for me.

Apart from the candidates, there are many unsung heros to thank for. These are the people that made it happen. These are the people that put in their effort, sweat, strength, time, ideas, etc to make it happen.

Without these people, its impossible to field any candidates let alone winning more seats.

Hence what we need most is people. People who are passionate and serious about making changes and wanting to see changes.

If you who happens to be reading this, like me, want to see changes and you think that WP is the party that you want to work together with, come down to our 'Open House' or contact anyone from the contact list here to find out more.

Be part of the change and when it does happens you will know what I meant by a 101% win :)

PS: If you also think that WP needs change, renewal, come in and make it happen. No one is perfect and that is true for all parties too....

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Anonymous said...

As commented in your previous post, it's relatively not about how many Singaporeans are willing to step forward but rather how & what WP is doing to make people to step forward?

Is WP only doing house to house visit, getting to interact with Singaporeans during election time in other SMC or GRC or are WP doing so even not during election period?

I remember sometime in march, I had send an email to but till now I had not receive any reply from your side (which maybe treated as juck mail?). If such simple email are not being reply in due time then I would rather feel that how well can WP be than PAP in any way. The best scenario to is, All are the same once being elected.

I hold high respect to Mr. Low & Ms Lim respectively, I even admire the guts of the suicidal team lead by Mr. Yaw. Admire is 1 thing but other then admiring their guts, I have no single idea who are they since the last election till this date.

Thus, I would percieve in such way that, it's not Singaporeans not giving WP an opportunity but it's WP not allowing Singaporeans knowing what is WP.

Just my humble opinion...

Thank you for visiting