Monday, 7 April 2008

MM Lee has given us the green light

MM Lee was interviewed via email and of course he gave his reply through email....what exactly was he thinking when he gave his reply...

ST April 5, 2008
Guards were negligent, says MM
His message: Those who think nothing can go wrong are being complacent
By Sue-Ann Chia & Goh Chin Lian

FUGITIVE Mas Selamat Kastari was 'an escape artist' who had evaded arrest many times, and Singapore's security officers knew this, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said yesterday.

Yet, the Jemaah Islamiah terrorist leader was able to lull his minders at the Whitley Road Detention Centre into believing that they had him under control, before he gave them the slip.

'When you are complacent in handling a wily detainee, then you have been negligent,' Mr Lee told The Straits Times in an e-mail interview.

He responded to questions on the issue of complacency for today's Insight feature which takes off from his earlier comments on Mas Selamat's disappearance.

He said last month that the break-out was a 'very severe lesson in complacency'.

Whose complacency was that?

Mas Selamat, 47, who had planned to crash a plane into Changi Airport, escaped from Internal Security Department custody on Feb 27. He is still on the run.

The Government has promised a full account of how he escaped, after a three-member panel completes its investigations.

How did he escaped? ANSWERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In answering questions posed by The Straits Times, Mr Lee addressed the issue of complacency among citizens, saying: 'Anyone who believes nothing can or will go wrong in Singapore is living in a make-believe world.'

'He said Singaporeans are being complacent when they believe that the Government will take care of all security matters.

Hahahahaha! What a joke! Why can't WE BELIEVE? After paying our 'Capable' Ministers so much so as to have the cream of the crop to run the country, why can't we be having the best of the best security? Is it too much to ask for?

If you are paid to ensure safety, you jolly well ensure safety! Besides that, you are paid MILLION OF DOLLARS...we are talking about S$ here not Rupiah or RM! Why not pay me?

MPs and political observers interviewed for the Insight feature said decades of peace and prosperity could have caused some Singaporeans to believe the Government had everything under control and nothing could go wrong.

Despite paying them MILLION OF DOLLARS...things still go wrong...apart from Mas Selamat's escape...CPF thingy went wrong.

The government thought that CPF can deal with outliving one's resources, they were wrong, otherwise there would not be 'CPF Life'.

The government thought that ERP can prevent jam, install it and yet problem is still not solve.

The government thought that by sending SM Goh to Potong Pasir and Hougang, PAP can win the 2 wards, they were wrong again.

The government thought that by having baby bonus, there will be more babies. Again there were wrong.

If a CEO of a company whom is getting a MILLION DOLLAR pay check makes mistakes after mistakes, I wonder if he/ she will get a 'walking letter' from the company.

How did complacency creep in? Some observers like former MP Augustine Tan blamed indifference or lack of understanding of the Government's workings.

Others felt the Government was partly to blame.

Of course, they were to be blamed...if not who? You and me? Ridiculous! We were not even the one who were looking after the detention centre! Did you and me let him out? Was it you or me who designed the centre? Was it you or me who was looking at the CCTV?

People's Action Party MP Lim Wee Kiak called complacency a 'side-effect' of an overly successful Government and civil service.

'This has bred a dependency mentality in our population who will blame the civil service and Government if any of their needs are not met,' he noted.

But MM Lee disagreed that the Government deserved to be blamed. He said: 'Complacency sets in when a people have not suffered any shock or setback for a long time.

'Hence, his warnings against complacency over the years, 'because most people believe that bad things will happen to others, not to themselves'.

Ok Singaporeans! MM Lee had given us the green light!


LET'S SHOCK THEM LIKE WHAT THE MALAYSIANS DID! SO that we can ensure that our Government will not be complacent.


Aidil Omar said...

If there's ever an opinion poll on this farce, the PAP government will sink to a record low. This is oh so embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

How many can WP fill candidantes in SC & GRC? I believe many out there will vote WP in but can WP fill at least 25% of 84 seats?

I waited for 2 elections till you guys came, I'm gald. After the election, I don't even know your existence or are you guys still around.

It's not the people that don't support opposition but if only during elections then you appear, what kind of confidence does opposition hope to gather from people?

I have read other blogs which many out there are complaining and some even mentioning about casting their votes to the opposition. To me, Singaporean are very forgetful people. When time arrived and the moment to vote, I wonder how many will do so. I m not against the ruling party nor am I supporter of any opposition parties, just a simple Singaporean hoping for a decent living.

Gary Teoh said...

I hope next election, 20 oppositions members will be voted in to provide alternative voice in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to add, if the ruling party is still not performing by the next election comes and if WP dares to challenge Junior Lee again..... I will Dare to Vote you AGAIN!!!

elfred said...

Aidil Omar,

Whether the gahmen will sink, it still depends not only on you, but also on the oppositions.

The current mood is too... much on party politics and when reasoning is useless, I fear casualties...


Anonymous said...

Hi Li Lian
Let focus on the issues. I am a foreign talent to other country althougth I am a Singaporean and did not earn a million like our minister do. Yet I believe that we need to look into the real issues facing Singaporean today. I have been living in the Americas for the past few years and noticed that CNN provide a voice for the Middle class but not the media in Singapore. Here the real issue : "Are our media under control?" If the media is out of our reach , let focus on the internet technology to get our voice out.

Thank you for visiting