Monday, 20 August 2007

PM National Day Rally Speech 2007

Last night's speech by our PM promises a lot of stuff, hopefully the government can dutifully fulfilled in time to come. However there were also some points to take note of and I still don't see the solution to widening income gap:

- 1% increase in interest rates for first $20, 000 in CPF OA, catch is a limitation on our right to invest our CPF.... The government still cannot trust us to manage our own money.

- Will HIP be used as a future election carrot?

- I understand from friends who are currently staying in Punggol 21 that, the government had previously painted a very nice picture of Punggol 21 but till today nothing done... so hopefully something can be done very soon...

- By inviting the opposition leaders to last night's rally, our PM is saying that he is gracious? This is a National Day Rally speech not a PAP rally therefore as long as one is an MP, etc, representing their people, its only right that they are there, isn't?

- Drawing down min. CPF withdrawal age to 65 and maybe 67... frankly speaking I would love to work till 67 or 70 if my health allows me to. But who will hire me? Yes, we've got jobs such as cleaners, dish-washers, etc... So everyone will be competing for such jobs and will there be jobs available for everyone? Are most companies in Singapore really relunctant to employ people of that age?

- I have to say the encouragement to learn a 3rd language is commendable... our children should be encourage to take up a 3rd language and not just the language but also their culture and history.

By the way, what do you think of the wave and smile that he gave at the end of the speech?

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While its commendable that one can see the urge to speak up for the masses, being credible and not inferring things by innuendo will help your cause better.

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