Thursday, 5 July 2007

One Year on...

Time flies….Its been a year since I joined as a member of The Workers’ Party.

Knowing that every individual effort helps and counts, I do my best to be present at every Hammer Sales which is held once a week. I want to do what I can to help the party, to bring it to another level, to gain exposure and publicity. To reach out to fellow Singaporeans, our Hammer sales team consists of members from all walks of life and from the young to the old.

After being elected in the Youth Wing Exco in Aug 2006, our team had also worked together to come up with events such as, collection of old clothes for the needy, bowling session, movie session, outreach programmes, etc.

This was done to enhance bonding as well as to show the public that we care. Besides that, Youth Wing also comes up with articles for both the Hammer newsletter and the WP website. We penned down our thoughts and want to show our point of view to the public.

I am also a part of EAC (East Coast Committee). This team is lead by Eric Tan. Every fortnight we do our walk-about around the East Coast area. We lend our listening ear to the residents.

We also got ourselves some ‘Opinion leaders’ so that we can better understand their needs. With that, we will be writing to Town Councils, etc to help improve their living conditions and/ or environment. Besides doing house-visits, the EAC team will sit down and discuss politics. Present our ideas to the party, help to shape up articles, etc.

The most valuable thing I had gain from my involvement is getting to know a bunch of fun people. Never would I thought that I will have friends age 50s and 21....but in the party I did, given that I am nowhere near these two age band. From here, I also met some old school-mates and have more friends from different races.

I will continue to contribute in whatever way I can to the party and is looking forward to the next election confidently. My intuition tells me that, the next election will be an even more exciting one. With members of better caliber joining the party, I am quite certain of that. Remember, women tend to have that 6th sense.

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