Monday, 2 July 2007

My blessings....on 1st July 2007

1st July 2007 has to be one of the earliest Sunday I have ever woke up on. I was up and running around the house at about 5am and by 5.30 am, I left the house together with my parents and their group of friends to Hougang Ave 5.

8 buses of 40 residents each were off to Muar for a one-day trip. Again this is an annual event held by HGCC. However this year is special because it happened to be the 1st Wedding Anniversary for ermmmm... the best friend I had in the party since I joined Workers' Party last year.

Why best friends? Friends are easy to come by but to have one that you can trust on takes time. We may have known each other for only a year but through the experience we had when we work together for party activities, we knew each other more.

Swee Bee is the same age as my younger sister and coincidentally we were from the same secondary school too, together with another party member, Song Han. She trusted on me to get things done and vice versa. By the way, she is my senior in the party :) having joined the party 3 years before me.

We may serve different committees in the party but that does not deter us from working together. In fact, we work together very often and actively. Choong Yong is another member that I had worked closely with. But let's not let Choong Yong take the limelight here since the main character of this post is Swee Bee, HAHAHA!

I was not able to share her joy last year on the most important event of her life. So here I am conveying my wishes through my blog.



dunPanic said...

Since Swee Bee is the star of this post, you should also link to her post about 1 July, which happened to be her wedding anniversary!

The Busy Bee... said...

Hey, thanks for the wishes... never thot that u will write something so different for the muar tour...... you r always good in giving surprise!

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