Saturday, 2 June 2007

Ugly Singaporeans!

Yesterday was Vesak Day, as usual my family and I went to the temple at Anchorvale Walk to pray and had our vegetarian meal.

This is our yearly routine, every Vesak Day we will be there to pray and offer our blessings to our love ones.
After praying, the committee of the temple will always prepare vegetarian bee hoon to serve all devotees. This year, I guess due to the humid weather, the committee had decided to give out ice-cream. These ice-cream were free for all to take.

I could not help it but took a picture of this. This was a picture of we, Singaporeans, fighting and bickering over a small tub of ice-cream. This was really ugly, these people don't understand how a queue works despite repeated pleas from the volunteers requesting for them to queue. Tons of people were blocking the passage way and squeezing their way through to get that ice-cream.

I was disgusted by the sight...I could not help but wonder..are these people here to pray or for freebies?

First-world government, take a look at this....

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