Friday, 25 May 2007

2007 Champions League Finalist ...

Last night was one of the worst night I had ever
had. My all time favourites, Liverpool, did not clinch the Champions League title. AC Milan won it for the 7th time.

I woke up as early as 2am in the morning to catch the match. As usual I sat on my favourite side of the sofa and gave the black-squarish box in front of me 100% of my attention. Together with me was my father and sister. Very soon, the match kicked off with the Reds being the better side. They had total control of the game but did not capitalise on their chances.

Then came the first goal from AC, which looked like a deflected hand-ball to me! I was telling down, second half the lads will show them what the Reds are capable of. The whistle blew and the 2nd half begun. This time, AC Milan bucked up and they made sure that they are not going to repeat the same mistake they made during the final in Istanbul 2005. Both Gerrard and Riise made some great chances but.... The 2nd goal from AC came at about 86mins, probably because its AC thats why every goal seemed so wrong to me. This one appears to be an off-side for me.

Exasperation was the word to describe my feelings. My sister went to bed. My father and I continue to watch, hoping that a miracle can happen again. Guess what? On the 88min, Kuyt scored through a set-piece! No joy of jubilation were seen on the boys' faces instead they hurried off to continue with the game in hope of a great come-back. And YES, I was chanting...COME-BACK!, COME-BACK, COME-BACK! As if my calls were being answered, 3 mins of extra time was added to the game.

I cannot sit still, I was excited. AC knew exactly what to do to ensure their win this time, that is to keep possession. But what was frustrating was on 90 mins + 2mins 44secs, pardon my language, the bloody referee must have brought with him a stupid stop-watch that was not battery operated and he had forgotten to wind it!!! I shouted..KELONG! KELONG! KELONG! Its so unfair.... You know what I mean...On the soccer field, anything can happen. The 20 over seconds would had enabled Liverpool a draw!

I switched off the TV, I cannot bear to watch the boys' expression. However, I had to say that they put up a good fight, great sportsmanship and of course the fans were over-whelming.

To Rafael and the boys........ Thank you for another great European Night!

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Liverpool will win next year :)

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