Sunday, 27 May 2012

That spirit, the HOUGANG SPIRIT!

As we were making our way out from the Counting centre, my phone cannot stop beeping.  Congratulatory messages as well as 'live' updates on the 'party' going on at Blk 322 kept coming in.

As we approached Blk 322, we could hear the thunderous cheer.  What greeted us was the 'Hougang Spirit'.

Both sides of the road were filled with people.  They were chanting non stop.  Whenever there is a car that passed by with the WP flag on it, the crowd will cheer even louder.  The drivers will then respond back with a series of honking.

As if that wasn't enough for the police to handle, the drummer was there!  The one that will sit right in front at every of our rally :)  I turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see a huge WP flag, about the size of 4 mahjong table and a banner hanging from level 2!

62.09%........... Hougang is truly unique.

We have a lot of people to thank for.  Logistics support, house visits team, Admin and paperwork team, IT team, photographers, research team, bouncers, sellers at rally, runner for food, creative team, flyers distribution team, polling and counting agents and most importantly, the people of Hougang.  Without them, there will be no victory.

Another amazing night in Hougang! If I am ever ask what the 'Hougang Spirit' is, my reply would be, 'you got to experience it yourself, there is no way to describe it.'



asingaporeanson said...

Good luck. YNWA

Anonymous said...

i love the spirit!!!

Tom Tom Tom said...

Well done, Li Lian!

Anonymous said...

Time to recover and work on the strategy to get things done. Have to listen more from the views of the residents and get feedback from the town council.
Although you have won this by election, i suggests you need to carry out an analysis on what WP can do more in terms of daily issues and not only on the political scene.
Good luck

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