Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Kallang roar is roaring BACK!


My mother will often have to repeat this several times to remind us to keep our volume down.

The year was 1994, Singapore won the Malaysia Cup with a 2-1 over Kedah, I was 16 :)
It was also after this win, Singapore withdrew from the competition.

My family except my mother, often have our eyes glued to the television set every weekend evening. We will curse, shout, stamp our feet, jump in joy and sometimes swear! That was by the far the only thing that really brought the family together in front of the television.

Singapore won the Malaysia Cup 24 times and is the 2nd most successful side in the competition's history after Selangor :)

Back in the 80s and 90s, we will often keep our weekends free for moments like this:

Needless to say, my father was the one who influenced us :) Watching the Malaysia Cup and English Premier League was a weekly affair for the family.

My grandma who often commented on how silly it was to watch 22 men running around for a ball, can never understand why we were so passionate!

Seriously, I have no idea too! It was the only event that will bring the whole family together. The National stadium will come to life with the Kallang roar, Kallang wave and the simultaneous feet stamping. Strangers will hug, cheer and laugh when goals were scored.

I miss the Malaysia Cup.

In the Workers' Party 2011 manifesto, the party proposed the re-entry of Singapore team into the Malaysia Cup. The news 'Singapore back in Malaysia Cup after 16 years', was hence very welcoming for me!

I know that I may never find back the likes of Abbas Saad, Sundram's famous bicycle kick, Super Sub (Steven Tan), Rafi Ali, Malek Awab, Lee Man Hon, David Lee, Suave Nazri Nasir and of course Fandi Ahmad, but the thought of watching the nation cheering together perks me up!

2012, I can't wait for it to commence!Link

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