Wednesday, 28 April 2010

We grew up eating glass...

Yup, we always say this in Mandarin that is '吃玻璃长大'.

Who are we? Members of WP who are involve in selling our 'Hammer' newsletter every Sunday. This phrase '吃玻璃长大' came from Bernard and i'm sure most of us agree with him :)

I joined WP since 2006 and I can say that I'm one of the regulars who will turn up on Sunday. Not every week but at least 70% of the time.

On Sunday, regardless of whether our members had any prior sales experience, will give our all to sell the paper and sometimes if the public wishes to, we engage them further.

What is most encouraging is uncle Eng Tor who is in his 70s will join us too. That kind of dedication and enthusiasm he displays is worth mentioning again and again.

When we approach someone to buy a paper, there will be some who will walk away without looking, smiling or acknowledging the seller. It happens so often that we are immune to it. This is when we felt that we '吃玻璃长大' that is we are transparent to them :)

Apart from people as such, once in while we will also come across people who will come up to us to say,'The fact that you people wake up so early on a Sunday morning, you all should be appreciated.'

With that, they will drop in their money into our tins and buy themselves the paper.

People who bought our papers are mainly age 40 and above. It makes me wonder why the younger ones are not interested.

Was it because they can get information from the Internet or it's simply Bo chap? I hope is the former.

Apart from the people who are involved in the selling process, the 'Hammer' has an editorial team. This team will edit and screen through all submitted articles before sending it for design layout.

The layout will then be done together with photo selection. The last step is to send it for colour proof and eventually publish the paper.

All these are done in house except for printing. Having known the processes that the paper went through, it makes me appreciate it even more.

In conclusion, we welcome anyone who is interested to contribute articles to us :) and if you happen to see us selling the 'Hammer', please don't ignore us :(

A smile is good enough, really.


T T Tan said...

Smile :)
We have Night Hammer too & we also '吃玻璃长大' :)

Anonymous said...

Dun be disheartened. Its the fault of our educational system that our youngsters are cold towards politics. Anyway, continue the good work and we will support you...

sumera said...

You are really making great efforts for your job.

Lilian is ... said...

Thank you :)

Thank you for visiting