Saturday, 10 April 2010

Poison letters?

In my opinion, this letter could be from a really frustrated resident in Sengkang.

From this phrase,

'Even before the date for the next General Election has been announced....'

it seems to be implying that it's from members of the opposition :(

From iTODAY:Poison pen letters hit Sengkang

Ng Jing Yng | 08-Apr-2010 6:00 AM

SINGAPORE - Even before the date for the next General Election has been announced, a poison pen letter has surfaced in Sengkang.

Written on a piece of A4-size paper in both English and Mandarin, it has been stuffed into the letter boxes of residents there, apparently since last week.

In it, the anonymous author accuses the People's Action Party (PAP) of being responsible for the high cost of living and the 7-per-cent GST, among other complaints.

The police said that a report has been made, and investigations are in progress.

MediaCorp understands that this case falls under the Sedition Act, where the offender could be fined up to $5,000 and/or given a maximum jail term of three years.

When Ms Ong K C, a Sengkang resident, opened her mailbox on Monday evening, she was surprised to see the letter. Alerting the media yesterday, the administrator, who is in her 40s, said "the comments made in the letter are subjective, and they cannot represent the voice of the masses".

While she does not support any political party, Ms Ong said this is not an appropriate way to air one's dissatisfaction.

Her Member of Parliament in Pasir Ris-Punggol Group Representation Constituency, Mr Charles Chong, who had heard about the letter, said its statements were "too broad and general to be addressed".

He added: "Residents can read it and decide for themselves if the comments are credible."

Other MPs in Sengkang confirmed that their residents had told them about the letter. MP and North East district mayor Teo Ser Luck said: "For me, work goes on, and the letter won't change what we're doing to serve the residents."

Yesterday, MediaCorp came across many letter boxes that had been stuffed with copies of the letter. Some could also be seen lying discarded in rubbish bins.

The PAP headquarters said they are aware of the matter, and Ms Ong is not the only person to have informed them about the letter.

PAP HQ executive director Lau Ping Sum said they had received anonymous letters in the past. Since the Sengkang letter is an anonymous one, the HQ would not be pursuing the matter, Mr Lau added.


DK said...

It is interesting that until now, we still can't find the content of the letter online. Strange hor?

Anyway, I can't comment much about this since I haven't read the letter. But if my memories serves me well, they are responsible for the 7% GST which leads to higher cost of living.


Anonymous said...

Not poison letters But Antidote for the poison put into Singaporean's minds by PAP relentless brainwashing and propaganda.

Lilian is ... said...

Antidote haha :)

And yes, normally letters as such should be on the net already hoho

Rachel said...

They are already online. Check out Temasek Review or The Online Citizen. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting