Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Could this had been a conspiracy or pure coincidence?

For those of you who are still not aware of what had recently happened to AWARE, allow me to explain briefly.

AWARE held its Annual General Meeting on 28th March. Unknown to a lot of veterans, a large crowd which was made up of mainly new members, turned up. In the end, 9 out of 12 executive committee spots went to the newcomers.

Implications such as the differences in objectives and beliefs due to an almost new leadership had been a major concern among people who had been following this issue.

Personally I feel that there should not be any change to its vision and mission since these new excos were people who had joined the organization because they believed in what AWARE was fighting for. The worst case scenario will be that this new group of leaders were actually in opposition to AWARE's existing beliefs and is now taking over the organisation. This would be disastrous.

Could this had been a conspiracy or pure coincidence?

Perhaps its too early to judge? Let's see what their press release will have to say.

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