Saturday, 18 April 2009

DBS publicly criticises AWARE's new Head

DBS is doing more damage to themselves by releasing press releases voicing their unhappiness over Ms Josie Lau's new position in AWARE.

Yes, Josie may have disregarded staff conduct but as one of the biggest employer in Singapore, DBS should not have publicly criticized her. In fact, they should have communicated with her through proper internal staff communication system not in the papers!

As commented by a report in 'TODAY', it is very rare for a private sector employer to express disagreement about its employee’s voluntary commitments. I have no right and is not going to touch on how wrong or right that staff policy is, however, I thought its very wrong of the company to publicly express their displeasure over a staff. This should have been kept a private issue.

I must say that my previous as well as current employer had never doubted my ability to complete my job and had never interfere or question me with regards to my appointment in WP. Credit goes to them for that...

Lastly, why is it that we are only thinking of the negative that this new leadership in AWARE is up to no good? Guilty before proven or rather they have to prove that they are innocent otherwise they are guilty! Sounds a bit like ISD isn't?

Its simply too early to judge.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lilian,

As a ex-DBS staff,first of all,i'm not surprised that the bank has gone on a public outrage like this,its also known as a publicity stunt to to send out a strong message to its staff that if they flout the bank's code of conduct,there will be dire consequences.

What is so perplexed about this matter is there are other people on board in DBS who are holding executive appointments with either NGOs' or government positions,like Koh Boon Hwee,Liang Eng Hwa,etc...only Josie Lau has been targeted for a personal reason & i know what it is,she is a VP,holding an executive appointment in the bank,she is also a Christian,is very vocal about homosexuality & its shortcomings,she got herself in hot soup,her hubby Dr Alan Chin is also an associate member of AWARE,their style of reasoning & leadership qualities is vastly different from the old guards.

If i were you Lilian,i would pray & hope Josie can turn the tables around in a short period of time,time & tide is against her,the management in DBS will definitely take action against her,either she may be forced to resign or demoted to a lower grade,it has happened before when i was there,i've seen all these dirty linen being washed in public,i'm glad i have left the organization.

James Michael Parthi

Xizor2000 said...

Good post!

I am glad that I am starting to more in Cyberspace other than one-sided support for the old guard. The fact is the new AWARE ExCo hasn't even started doing anything and then there's all this hubbub about their allegedly unethical seizure of power etc, yet few to noticed that the old guard were attempting to change the constitution somewhat to bar new members from voting and entrechn themselves further in AWARE to drive their own agenda.

Anyway, I have lost you on my MSN list after the recent upgrade. I dunno why I can't find you anymore because I wanted to chat with you about the CDC stuff... gimme a 'shout' so I can 're-add' you.

Anonymous said...

The new exco was elected fair and square according to the association's rules. This is the only thing that matters in a democracy. What if a WP team were to be elected to parliament and then the PAP starts questioning their intentions, hidden agenda etc. etc?

Lilian is ... said...


I agree with u which is which was what I was saying towards the end of my post :)

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