Sunday, 2 November 2008

They are taking up jobs that Singaporeans want & can do too!

In this report: Law minister says Singaporeans should welcome foreign workers

Mr Shanmugam said....

"There are some jobs that Singaporeans won't do, and then there are some jobs that Singaporeans cannot do... We need to be welcoming our guest workers; we need to be welcoming our expatriates, all of that in pursuit of our national interest."

Is it true?

Is it true that foreigners are taking over jobs that Singaporeans won't do or cannot do?

A friend of mine was telling me about his experience in the new indoor swimming complex at Seng Kang. He saw a group of Chinese national swimming in the pool, hence he merely just went up to chat and was surprised that they were actually under-going training,; training to be life guards.

This same friend told me another experience he had. He hardly takes the public transport because he drives. So there was this one day whereby he sent his car for servicing, he then had to take public transport. He consulted the staff in the station control on some issues pertaining to his train ride. The lady inside the room, speaks proper English but that accent won't go wrong. She is not a Singaporean.

Bus drivers...yes, the bus drivers that drives our buses, those that transports us from one place to another. I see foreigners too.

I have yet to encounter one myself, there are foreigners as Taxi Drivers as well according to some of my colleagues.

Lastly, my own personal encounter with a Malay family. Husband who was working in a logistics firm was retrenched because of the drop in business volume. The company decided to use contract workers instead. The problem is these contract workers are foreigners not local, not Singaporeans.

Are these jobs that Singaporeans don't wish to do?

Are these jobs that Singaporeans cannot do? No right skills set to do?

I think its time for our Ministers to come out from their ivory tower and take a look at what is happening outside.........Singaporeans should come first.


Anonymous said...

It's true. The government is bullshitting.

My brother who was a army regular was forced to retire at 45.

He had been trying to get a security guard's job for 3 years. Recently, one employer told him that he is pushing 50 and will have very little chance to get a job because the employer can employ 2 china men with his pay and they are younger some more.

He was so pissed off he vowed not to vote for PAP if he is given the chance.

Anonymous said...

Until and unless the dogma of the ruling party changes away from focussing solely on the economy (on which their bonuses are based on, btw !) nothing will change. Low wages is a strategy to keep wage costs down for ALL employers. There is no safety net for Singaporeans.. you can only run but you can never hide.
I hope the Opposition (especially WP) will engage themselves more and not take a ultra-conservative stance in the issues that are affecting the populace.
The SS

Daniel Ling said...

Hi, recently at my home area, i notice, Hair Saloon, Confectionary, Coffee Shop and many other type of shops in and around housing area also employing Non SG.

I mean example, the confectionary shop from previous just 2 SG outside serving customers now jump to 2 SG + 3 PRC.

Of coz it could just mean tat they needed more staff. But sincerely, high chance is tat the 3 PRC took much lower pay. =X

Zack said...

Unless all the jobs in Singapore created by state enterprise. You can not enforce labour rules dictating which nationality an employer can employ.
Corporations come to Singapore not just to make use of Singaporean know-how, but our unique location, infrastructure and stability.
Corporations will exit if they are tied down with onerous conditions.
Do not be silly.

Lilian is ... said...

HI Zack,

Thank you for your opinion too...that's what a blog is..expressing opinions :)

Keep expressing! Its healthy!

Thank you for visiting