Thursday, 23 October 2008

15-Min nap cost $200

This article, "I didn't know it was an offence"......

Mr. Kassim, you are not alone. I'm very sure majority of the Singaporeans are not aware that sleeping on park benches is an offence and this offence warrant a hefty fine of $200!

Wohohohoh! This has to be the greatest joke I had ever heard!

I really don't know what to say ... the 2 rangers, NPark, fine for taking a nap???????? What is this?

The purpose of a park is for people to rest and relax. So what's wrong with taking a nap there? If these ridiculous fines can be imposed why not imposed it on commuters who refused to give up seats for the elderly, young children as well as pregnant lady on the buses or trains.

Because of the phrase 'Misuse of facilities', very soon we may start to hear about people getting fine for:

1) Playing in school because school is a place to study not play hence misuse.
2) Waiting for a friend in a Food Court because that is a place to eat not for waiting, misuse.
3) Just soaking in the pool because a pool is meant for swimming not soaking, misuse.
4) Talking in a Karaoke Lounge because that is a place for singing not talking, misuse.
5) SMS on a hp because a phone is meant for you to talk not SMS!!!!

This is just too harsh a punishment on top of that older people tends to doze off easily. I still cannot comprehend this at all.

Indeed, we are really unique! What a FINE country!

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Sleep on road instead, the fine is lower.

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Melvin Tan said...

Add to the list PAP ministers and MPs napping in Parliament. They should get fined too.


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