Thursday, 24 July 2008

My emails to different Government Bodies (II)

I also wrote an email to, to confirm my suspicion. My question:


Would like to enquire more about baby bonus.

The info provided on the web says, children adopted by widows, widowers and divorcees are considered eligible.

What about children born out of wedlock?

Their reply:

Dear Ms Lee

We refer to your e-mail dated 2 Jul 08.

2 Please accept our apologies for the delay in reply.

3 Regulation 4A(2) of the Children Development Co-savings Act states that children born on or after 1st Aug 04 shall be eligible to become a member of the Scheme if his mother is lawfully married to his natural father at the time he is conceived; or becomes lawfully married to his natural father after he is conceived. whether or not such marriage remains subsisting.

4 As such, we regret that children born out of wedlock are not eligible for the Scheme.

Yours sincerely

Tan Yeong Sian
Family Services Officer
Baby Bonus and Adoption Branch
for Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports


Anonymous said...

Hi Lilian,

If i were u,i wouldn't take up the trouble to write in to the people of "civil service"!Its not only a waste of time,rather,with all the red tape written on Spore's stat boards,"privatized sectors",etc,u think the mgt gives a damn wat the local populace care or think about,no way!All they care is filling up their pockets with cold-hard cash,i know i sound intense,but these are the facts of life,btw,wish u a very happy belated birthday as well,y r u not smiling in yr pic?u look way too serious....if i were u,i'll have a jolly gd time on my birthday,i'm 30,a fellow sporean like u,studying in London School Of Economics,specializing in IT & Finance,back in spore for the summer break!Life in London is so much better,new friends,new environment,new alliances,new government,not perfect but @ least i can stake my claims!

PS : I think a person of your caliber should ply your talents somewhere else,i'm not being selfish,just being realistic!Guess Heath Ledger was rite after all!Why so serious???!!!Hmmm...i'm gonna miss him!!!Dun take things too personally,always take it with a pinch of salt,cool?

The Dark Knight - James Michael Parthi.

Lilian is ... said...

Dark Knight,

I look ugly when i smile too broadly hahahahaha!

Thank you for the wishes!

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