Friday, 27 June 2008

Opposition would ruin Singapore

Yes, that's what MM Lee said at an International Forum. (Report)

It says - Lee, 84, warned Singapore voters against putting the opposition at the helm of government "in a moment of fickleness or just sheer madness" when they get "bored" at some point in the future.

'Bored'? Yes, Singaporeans are bored with the government having to decide everything for them. The government is helping them to manage money (CPF, CPF Life, Means Testing, etc), life (take only public transport otherwise incur ERP, have more babies, etc). Hence, one has nothing much to do and will turn bored.

"When you are Singapore and your existence depends on performance -- extraordinary performance, better than your competitors -- but that performance disappears because the system on which it is based is eroded, then you've lost everything."

Haha! Exactly! I cannot help but was reminded of the extraordinary performance of our security officers at The Budget Terminal which lead to a 61-year old retiree boarding a plane using his son's passport :)

Singapore's small opposition has only two seats in a parliament dominated by the People's Action Party which has been elected since 1959.

Please be reminded that PAP was once an Opposition too before it took power in 1959. Everyone must start somewhere, the same for everything or as a matter of fact any Political Party. If the people of Singapore back then had not taken the first step to vote for this opposition, would PAP had come this far?

Isn't Singapore a city of possibility? What happen to this slogan that was used for last year's National Day?

He said one ingredient for a country's success is putting able leaders in government.

If we can have able leaders in Opposition why can't we have them in government? And if these 'able leaders' were not put to the test, on the job, how would one know if they are capable a not? I would like to stress again, Singapore is a city of possibilities...

Overheard this conversation between two stall-holders while selling 'hammer' newsletter two weeks ago:

Stall-holder 1, " To date, the government of Singapore has done a not too bad job BUT its the way they force policies onto us that I buay tahan!"

Stall-holder 2, " Yes, for example the GST. They want to impose they impose, never thought of us!"

Because of the above, it is important for Singapore to have a robust ‘check and balance’ system to ensure that our system make decisions that should be thoroughly debated on. Hence , voting in of Opposition parties is essential!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Singaporeans and PRs would feel better and more confident when we have a good opposition party contributing as well. There's always a 2nd opinion everywhere in the world right?

Anonymous said...

When we really lost the chance to have an opposition, then we will really start to regret.

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